Typical Projects

Our services primarily involve the integrated interpretation of gravity, magnetics and seismic data. We also offer quality control and survey design for gravity/magnetics/FTG, as well as QC of data processing projects.
  • Integrated 3-D modeling of complex salt features to assist seismic depth imaging
  • Integrated basement studies – magnetic depth, high-density basement from inversion and modeling
  • 2-D and 3-D structural modeling for regional, basin-wide and prospect investigations
  • Qualitative enhancement and interpretation of regional data sets to produce integrated structural interpretations
  • Depth to Moho and crustal thickness studies in support of structural and geothermal modeling
  • Depth to Curie isotherm mapping using regional magnetic data
  • Survey planning and design to optimize data utility and interpretability
  • Quality control (QA/QC) services for processing and interpretation projects
  • Consulting for bid and contract preparation
  • Search and procurement services for data licensing