Key Personnel

John Bain

Exploration Geophysicist, President

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John Bain has over 35 years’ experience in the use of gravity and magnetic data to assist petroleum exploration, with leadership roles at: Edcon, LCT, Galileo Geophysics, and now Bain Geophysical.  John has degrees in Geophysics from Colorado School of Mines and an MBA from Rice University in Houston.

John Bain’s experience includes the integrated interpretation of gravity, magnetics and seismic data, as well as quality control and survey design for gravity/magnetics/FTG, and enhanced data processing techniques.  Bain is an expert in 3-D modeling around salt, carbonates, overthrust and reservoir-level geophysics, using both gravity and FTG/Falcon data sets, tightly integrated with seismic velocities.

Guy Flanagan

Geophysical Consultant

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Guy Flanagan is a geophysical consultant with 40 years’ experience in worldwide non-seismic methods interpretation, processing, acquisition, research and management.  His main interest is in high end technical interpretation and modeling of non-seismic data incorporating new concepts and software and close integration with structural geologists, basin modelers and exploration teams. He has a strong focus on interaction with project teams to address key technical issues in lieu of producing a standard set of interpretation products.